When uniforms are sent to be cleaned they go through a rigorous classification which provides a means to determine the processes to be performed in addition to identify any fault that would require maintenance.

  • Maintenance

    We have a trained team of seamstresses performing services from the exchange of buttons, zippers, tears, loops, and carrying out all necessary repairs for the uniforms to always have a longer service life.

  • Identification

    – All our customers’ uniforms have labels with barcodes, which contain the employee name, section or sector, employment enrollment number, cost center, and what the company may determine necessary, all of this is managed by a state-of-the-art software, providing full control of your uniforms, leading your employees to have a greater responsibility for each piece, this increases the service life of the uniform up to 30%.

  • After cleaning the uniforms we return them in kits identified by employees and sectors, facilitating the delivery of the uniforms to their respective owners. In addition, we offer the companies workwear lockers for the storage of clean uniforms and cabinets for the collection of dirty uniforms.